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Hello there!

Triggered by challenges
Driven by enthusiasm

Life is great. Really. And it becomes even more interesting if you consider striving for happiness as a daily routine. Our actual goals may (and will) vary for each of us and you should discover yours if you haven't yet. In pursue of my own ambitions, I have developed a surprising skill set that I actually really enjoy.

Due to my scientific background and being extremely triggered by challenges, I gently embraced an analytical entrepreneurial way of thinking that proves to be quite unique. This mindset enables me to quickly gain hands-on insight into a project, spiced up with some unconventional creativity. Hooray!



Effortless hosting tailored to your needs, equipped with state-of-the-art services.


Professional websites or web applications for your online identity.

Web consultancy

Analysis and solutions for boosting your online presence.

Online Payments

Handling and processing of online payments for all kinds of stuff.